Caritas - Volyn

In the beginning of 2010 Charitable foundation of Volyn region  "Caritas-Volyn"” started its activity in the city Novovolynsk of Volyn region which is included in the general network  of "Caritas-Ukraine".

The aim of the fund is to provide social assistance and support to the most needy population of Ukraine, regardless of nationality or religion.

Activity of Charity Foundation is aimed at the following services: distribution of humanitarian aid, the establishment of social centers for children, organizing recreational summer camps.

Organisation held such actions: "St. Nicholas goes to you", aimed at collecting gifts for children from families in crisis (25 children from families in crises received gift sets).

In 2012 Caritas-Volyn joined the action "Write a letter to St. Nicholas," it was attended by 90 children, 13 of them wrote the most interesting letters to St. Nicholas and received gifts from the fund.

For three years in a row "Caritas-Volyn joins the all-Ukrainian Nationwide charity action "Christmas Candle", which consists in distribution of specially made candles. We managed to realize 10.000 pcs. Collected funds went to help vulnerable children to assist them in their treatment and rehabilitation. Everyone who lighted on Christmas Eve on the festive table a candle, helped to light the flame of hope in the hearts of children.

On the eve of Easter, "Caritas-Volyn joins the city's charity event"Help Your Neighbor”.  The goal isto make additional purchase and help withthis the needy families with children, disabled, orphans. As a result of the action, more than 100 families received food and household goods.

Summer "Caritas-Volyn" organizes Christian summer camps on Lake Svitiaz. For two years, about 100 children aged 6 to 16 yearswere resting there.

Since 2011, "Caritas-Volyn" has been actively engaged in the distribution of humanitarian aid coming from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. In two years 70 tons of humanitarian aid were distributed. More than 20 different organizations receive it regularly including Novovolynsk Central Hospital ( wheelchairs , beds , mattresses, linen, furniture), Radyvyliv Regional Hospital (wheelchairs , beds , mattresses , linen ), Dubno Hospital for Mothers and Children ( wheelchairs , beds , mattresses , linen ), social Service of Ukraine in Novovolynsk ( clothes , shoes , toys, things for the house, blankets and sheets, cooking utensils, bicycles, wheelchairs, stilts ), Territorial center of social service in Novovolynsk (clothes, shoes, linens, blankets and sheets, wheelchairs truck, stilts), interregional territorial organization of primary blind UTOS (clothing , bedding , sticks for the blind), Volyn Regional Public organization "INVAVOLYN" (clothing, wheelchairs ), higher professional school of Novovolynsk (sewing supplies and clothing ) ...

Also, about 400 needy people of the city and neighboring villages of Novovolynsk who had adressed to “Caritas-Volyn”, received humanitarian aid in the form of clothes, shoes, toys, household items, bicycles, wheelchairs, walkers.

In 2012 Charitable foundation "Caritas-Volyn" received humanitarian aid in the form of medicines.

18 healthcare institutions of Volyn and Rivne region received medicines they needed to provide free medical care. Overall nine varieties of medicines were distributed in the amount of 1 million USD.

Such hospitals received medicines as:

Novovolynsk Central Hospital, Ivanychi central regional hospital, Regional honey. association Lyubomlsky and Shatsky districts Radyvyliv District Hospital Lokachinsky regional hospital, regional hospital Kovel, Rovno Regional Hospital, Volyn region. hospital for disabled veterans, Lutsk garrison military hospital, Gorokhivska district hospital, district hospital Torchynska, Manevitskiy regional hospital;

institutions: "Sanatorium Shakhtar", Higher municipal institution "Dubno Medical College," Health Department of Rivne region., Territorial center of social services in Novovolynsk, Manevychi correctional colony.

Implementation of social projects

One of the existing projects during the last three years is a project "The expansion of the network of social centers for children of labor migrants" 150 children are in the project, including 63 - children of migrant workers, others - children of crisis categories, ages 5 to 18 years.

Goal of the project: to reduce the negative impact of labor migration in the Ukrainian society, especially with regard to children and youth.


·        Soften the traumatic situation of the separation anxiety of children with their parents;

·        Promote the full harmonious development of personality;

·        Promote social integration and adaptation of children and youth;

·        Raise the awareness of the society about the problems of children of migrant workers.

What is the problem?

§  lack of love and care

§  depression

§  aggression

§  breach of adequate self-esteem

§  difficulties in self-fulfillmentof children

§  breach in parenting (neglect or hyper care)

§  model of complete family is missing

§  deviant behavior

§  difficulty for parents to restore contact with children after their return


Social workers of Caritas - Volyn were working with children to determine what are the most pressing problems they experienced,were helping them to overcome psychological crises, resolve conflicts with carers and teachers, to find their role in the family, right to define their goals in life is to motivate children to study in school, after-school clubs, teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to protect themselves from their own threats to their health (such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco , AIDS, etc.), were training them properly manage their finances and to respect the work of their parents. In addition, attention was paid separately by psychologist on how to help the child to keep a psychological relationship and rapport with the mother or father, and prepare the child for the parents return to the family. Coordinator, accountant, social worker and psychologist worked in the project.


The project "Social and psychological support for children of migrant workers " in 2012 received 203,989.79 UAH.

Spent 159 292.00 UAH. , Including labor costs (including 36.76% , 3.6 %, 15% ) were – 124 734.13 UAH, rest 34557,87 UAH additional materials and tools to work with children , such as materials for clubs, games, books, stationery, video SD and other materials), cultural - educational activities (excursions, tickets to the movies, theaters, museums, travel, camps and other measures), round tables and public events, funds for office expenses, staff travel (travel to seminars , conferences , workshops , etc.), with administrative costs.

 Project “Organization of the activity of the center "Dovira" for the victims of totalitarian regimes

From 01 September 2012 in "Caritas-Volyn" the project “Organization of the activity of the center "Dovira" for the victims of totalitarian regimes” started its activity. The project is funded with support of the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future", program "Meeting Place - a dialogue."

In the framework of the program "The venue - Dialogue" in "Caritas-Volyn" a center for the elderly "Dovira" - a meeting place for the victims of totalitarian regimes, was created. Public meetings, events - this is a good opportunity for communication and setting up communication links between generations, ensuring the transfer of experience and simultaneously creates conditions for revival in the elderly contents of livelihood, feeling the importance of self.

Organizing meetings with representatives of the young generation and victims of totalitarian regimes, we promote recognition of life experience and achievements of the victims of totalitarian regimes. Establishing dialogue between generations helps young people meaningfully study the history and creates the conditions for the transfer of this experience to future generations.

Aim of the project: public recognition of survivors of National Socialism and Stalinism, their difficult lives and their social support and encouraging them to participate in the life of the society.


Project participants: 80 people, most are men and women of different ethnicity and religion aged from 67 to 93 years.

Services provided by the project are:

·        social assistance and social visits,

·        organization of cultural and educational events, circles (the study of German, folk song, computer lessons, embroidery ...)

·        legal and other advices,

·        physiotherapy exercises,

·        humanitarian aid assistance

Project agreement "Creating mechanisms to ensure effective support for the poorest groups and institutions of social and health care in small towns of Ukraine"

In May 2013 the project "Establishment of effective mechanisms to support vulnerable groups and medico-social institutions in small cities of Ukraine" began its activity. Aim of this project is to provide access of low-income groups living in the small towns of Ukraine to quality health and social services; improvement of the material base of medical and social services and to ensure their activities by attracting the attention local authorities. The priority objectives of the new project is to create a system for collecting information about the needs of different vulnerable groups (disabled persons, homeless, victims of AIDS, socio affected citizens).

Implementation of this project will shorten the way to provide the necessary assistance to specific individual consumers who really need it. This is a unique mechanism of cooperation of local and international non-governmental organizations providing humanitarian aid and carry out cooperation with local health and social institutions.