In 2014 Charitable Foundation "Caritas Volyn" implemented 14 projects totaling 1 741 010.75 UAH., including:

1.       The project "Creation of the department of Emergencies" realized in the amount of 809,139.61 UAH to help in paying  for accommodation, clothing and food, medical care for internally displaced persons from eastern Ukraine and Crimea:

- For the accommodation of 310 persons were allocated 218,881.51 UAH;

- For food for 635 persons - 232,497.53 UAH;

- Hygiene kits for 635 persons – 31,706.45 UAH;

- Funds directed to the payment of medicines and medical assistance to 30 people - 67,683.95 UAH.

The remaining funds were directed to salaries, administrative expenses and expenses related to the acquisition of fuel and communication.


2.       The project "Assistance in accommodation and preparation for winter for internally displaced persons from regions of Ukraine, where the armed conflict takes place" funded by Caritas Poland totaling 23,894.61 UAH. Centrally 150 persons received to their card accounts 495.77 UAH per person to pay for services in accommodation.

3.       "Psychological and social assistance for persons who suffered during the revolutionary events in Ukraine" funded by Caritas Czech Republic in the amount of 213,631.76 UAH, 158,866.69 UAH of which were spent for the purchase of medical devices, 146,780.00 UAH were transferred to Novovolynsk Central City Hospital. The rest according to the project budget was paid for salaries, travel expenses and costs related to the activities of the office.

4.       "Medical, social and financial aid to victims during the mass protests in Ukraine" in the amount of 50,000.00 UAH., which were spent on purchase of household appliances for 7 participants in the protests on Independence Square (37,000.00 UAH), also medical checkup in the medical center "St. Paraskeva" was paid (990.00 UAH) and  medicines were purchased.

5.       Project funded by International Foundation "Vidrodgenia" for the organization of palliative care at home for terminally ill, for the services of a general practitioner, nurse and office workers who carried out the project (39,400.00 UAH).

6.       The project "The answer to the crisis of internally displaced persons in Western Ukraine - Preparing for Winter" with the budget of 70,452.07 UAH started its activities in mid-November and was aimed to continue the project "Creation of the department of Emergencies" to help the victims in military conflict in eastern Ukraine and support them in purchasing food, clothes and pay for accommodation. The project started its activity in January 2015.

7.       During the project "last attempt" it was collected 9,980.00 UAH and payed medicines for patient with cirrhosis. The funds were collected through donations to charity Exchange and spent in full use.

8.       The project "Help for immigrants from eastern Ukraine and Crimea" funded in the amount of 25,111.96 UAH for the staff work of the project organization and implementation, and 4 payments for accommodation for 100 persons were centrally transferred to the card accounts.

9.       The project "Children's centers in Boryslav and Novovolynsk" aims to work with children with severe destinies for the organization of their free time, for a work with parents to help them in educating their children, training to avoid violence in the family and arranging events and holidays for little participants. For this purpose we used 259,189.50 UAH, for the holding of different events and content groups 15,164.32 UAH were spent and 15,087.40 UAH for summer camps.

10.   The project “Organization of the work of center "Dovira" for victims of totalitarian regime” was funded by All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Turbota pro litnikh v Ukraini" (Age Concern in Ukraine) during 2 years in total amount in 2014 of 89407.64 UAH.

11.   Organization of Christian summer camps funded by Renovabis (Germany) was financed and used in the full amount of funds of 76,101.76 UAH.

12.   For the project "Psychological support for victims of the mass protests on the Maidan" were sent 22,835.00 UAH.

13.   For the work of psychologist in the project "Medical, social and financial support of victims and their families during the revolutionary events in Ukraine" 1,530.00 UAH were sent.

14.   For implementation of the project "Winter 2014" 37,700.45 UAH were sent. The products for mobile centers of heating and canteens were purchased.