In 2015 Charitable foundation "Caritas-Volyn” implemented 6 projects totaling 

2 784 970.52 UAH, namely:

1.    The project "Social and psychological assistance to children and youth. Children's centers in Boryslav and Novovolynsk” 203 781.34 UAH were received and used to:

-          summer camps -15,600.00 UAH

-          supplies for children -6500.00 UAH

-          cultural and active activities for children - 4290.00 UAH

The project is a continuation of the "Children's centers in Boryslav and Novovolynsk" acting during February 2014 - January 2015 and started again its activity in February 2015 year to February 2016.


2.       The project realization "Summer camps for children of iternally displaced persons (IDPs) from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea" is based on the children's project.  Summer camps were organized at the lake of the village Svityaz from 20-29 June 2015, in Yaremche from 01-10 July and in the lake of the village Svityaz from 20-29 August 2015 where 137 children from families of IDPs. Summer camps were financed at the amount of 130 882,00 UAH and were used:

for the residence -40,320.00 UAH.

for food -72,000.00 UAH.

for transport -10,000.00 UAH.

3.    Organization of Christian summer camps funded by Renovabis (Germany) 76,101.76 UAH,  used in the full amount of funds in 2014. The same project was financed in 2015 totaling EUR 5000,00, or at the exchange rate of NBU 115,372.00  UAH.

4.  "Help for IDPs from eastern Ukraine and Crimea" in the amount of 13 544.91 UAH for staff to organize and implement the project (funds have been allocated for office (salaries, travel expenses, the cost of data collection and materials on immigrants, on stationery).

During project realization in November 2014 and February 2015. (2014 -25,111.96 UAH, 2015-13544.91 UAH) Caritas Ukraine transferred to the card accounts of needy 5 payments for  100 persons to pay for accommodation.

5. The project "The answer to the crisis of internally displaced persons in Western Ukraine - Preparing for Winter" was funded in the amount of 1,434,711.55 UAH. (In 2014 the first tranche 70,452.07 UAH was received. In 2015 -1,364,259.48 UAH) it started its activities mid-November 2014 to 31 July 2015 and was the continuation of the project "Creation of the emergency department" to help the victims of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and supported them in purchasing food, clothes and pay for accommodation.

During the period of the project implementation 24 families received necessary medicines in the amount of 37,818.19 UAH. Compensation for IDPs accommodation was paid in the amount of 650,587.20 UAH. For the purchase of warm winter clothes  295,650.00 UAH has been used and 42 families received some money by bank transfer to the personal card accounts to purchase clothing, shoes and other warm things.

During the project "Creation of the Emergency Department"  psychological, medical, financial assistance in the form of financial support for the project participants - IDPs from the East and South of Ukraine was given. It should be noted that the medical assistance as appropriate view is not as simple as it seems at first glance. There is a quite complicated procedure for medical assistance in the form of medication to treat and expensive survey. In this bureaucracy, our organization performs only intermediary activities at the request of donors and collects true information on the transparency of such assistance. Today we have contracts with the private pharmacy "Vestfarm" and Medical Center of St. Paraskeva in Lviv, which gives us the opportunity with the requirements of doctors, medical statements and issued prescriptions to buy medicines through the network of pharmacies "Vestfarm" and if necessary, to direct for medical examination to Medical center. In addition, this project provides partial compensation costs for Renting temporary housing. It should be noted that the provided funds were calculated at the beginning of the project for 95 people, after the limit was increased to 110 persons. Besides 70 families (346 persons) received hygiene packages for the amount of 23,600.00 UAH, an average of 68 UAH per person.Product packages were distributed to more than 85 families (407 persons) amounting to over 125,600.00 UAH (308 UAH per person). Our organization provided 26 tons of humanitarian aid in the form of clothes, shoes, blankets, bed linen for the amount of 32,000.00 UAH., which was distributed  between 300 people.


5.    In June 2015 there was nationwide conference through projects aimed at ensuring the basic needs of IDPs, it was organized by "Caritas-Volyn”. Funds were directed to accommodation, food and organization of the event "Ensuring basic needs against the conflict in eastern Ukraine" (Conference) worth of 110 000.09 UAH.

6.    The project "Socialization and reintegration of the victims of National Socialism on the basis of the center "Dovira" began its activity in September 2015 and will continue until 31 August 2017. It was received 129 717.62 UAH. The main component of this project is material assistance to sedentary and lying terminally ill elderly people in the form of hygiene kits (disposable diapers, soap, cream against bedsores, soap, wet wipes, shampoo, disposable towels, etc.) Funding for the project comes from All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Turbota pro litnikh v Ukraini” which won the grand in “EVZ” (Germany) for the implementation of such projects. The project aims to organize cultural and educational activities, clubs for the elderly aimed at better communication among themselves and exchange of interests, to conduct master classes.

7.    Since 2011 Charitable Foundation "Caritas-Volyn" is actively engaged in the distribution of humanitarian aid coming from foreign donors. Overall, during the period from 2011 to 2015, inclusive, it was distributed 252,460.00 kg of humanitarian aid.


In 2015 "Caritas-Volyn" received 45,933 kg of humanitarian aid worth approximately 27,213.00 UAH.

45,433 kg of humanitarian aid in the form of used clothes, shoes, sheets, blankets, pillows, kitchen utensils, sewing materials, toys, wheelchairs, bicycles, furniture, mattresses and medical equipment came from the Belgian organization "Ukraine-Project-Edegem", which during 4 years helps vulnerable people of Volyn and Rivne regions which are under the care of "Caritas-Volyn”.

500 kg of used clothes were received from benefactor of Germany, Mr. William Eugene.

Grantees of humanitarian aid were the following NGOs: Novovolynsk interregional territorial primary organization UTOS, Novovolinsk association of disabled miners' work, Ukrainian Foundation for families of Ukrainian heroes "Drug", NGO "Tvorci istorii”, Novovolynsk center of Public Service of Ukraine, Volyn Regional Public Organization " INVAVOLYN ", Chernihiv Regional charity foundation  “Vira. Nadia. Liubov.", the executive committee of the Zhovtneve settlement council, Charitable Foundation "Caritas - Dubno ", Red Cross in the village Ivanychi.

Also humanitarian things were received by several Parishes of the UGCC and the UOC-KP: UGCC Church of St. Michael the Archangel in. Luck, UGCC of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in Shatsk, UGCC of the Transfiguration in the village Polozheve Shatsk district,  UGCC of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Luck, UGCC religious community of Martyr Velychkovsky in. Kovel, UGCC of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Novovolynsk, UGCC of the Candlemas in the village Ivanychi, UOC KP parish of Saints Peter and Paul in the village Rymachi Lyuboml district, Parish of the UGCC of the Ascension in Dubno.

Assistance in the form of laundry, mattresses, walkers and wheelchairs were received by medical institutions: Novovolynsk central hospital, Volyn Regional Hospital, Volodymyr-Volynskyi territorial medical association, Lutsk Clinical Hospital, Volyn Regional Psychiatric Hospital №1.

Sewing materials were received by preschool educational institutions №8 and №9 and by Interschool training and production center of Novovolynsk.

In general followinggroups of the population received the humanitarian assistance:

120 elderly

300 children from socially - vulnerable groups (children orphans and children deprived of parental care, children from large, poor and families in crisis)

250 needy families and 230 families of internally displaced persons.

And about 3 tons of clothes, linen, blankets, mattresses, sleeping bags and utensils were sent into the zone ATO for the Ukrainian military.


9. The main direction of the activity of "Caritas-Volyn" is the beginning of the construction of the Palliative Care Regional Center in the village Zhovtneve. The first steps in this direction have already been made. In 2015 the building area of ​​1000 m² and 1600 m² of 2 and 3 stores buildings with a total value of 696,375.63 UAH were purchased. On the renewal and establishment of ownership of the buildings 20,000 (19,640.80) UAH was spent. For further executive and legislative activity Foundation continues the registration of all necessary normative procedures and documents related with production of design and estimate documentation.